Welcome to my insights


My name is Manuel Fuertes and I make my way to whichever corner on earth someone has invented something. Whether it´s the smartest science from Oxford to the most clever inventions in India, I travel the world meeting the most talented people and teams in the planet: people that have impacted millions of us with their innovations, and are often unknown to the public but with their names already in history.

Everything here is based on my personal experiences of more than a decade starting-up, backing and investing into science breakthroughs coming out of some of the smartest people in the planet.

I am CEO at Kiatt Group, and my job there is to find the latest intellectual property and evolve it into a world-changing business. At Kiatt, I lead a group of long-stablished business owners, with whom I back inventors in the areas of science and technology.

In this website I write my insights on how the future may look like based on trends that I see every day in the course of my work. I will try to give you an insight on how the most important families and business owners are preparing their future for a knowledge based economy and how they are partnering with young inventors to create a better world.

I really hope you enjoy reading it and can share with me the excitement of creating an impact into the next society.


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